Coney Island Strongman Student Spotlight


Are you considering whether you have what it takes to perform Olde Time Strength Feats? Let me share a secret with you. We are ALL capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. Here are a few of my students who have realized that they control how far they go. Lets take card tearing for an example, it doesn’t matter if you start at tearing one card or an entire deck. No matter where you start, it is first – a start. Secondly it gives you a point of reference for advancement. Jonathan Fernandez of Denver CO didn’t stop at his humble card tearing beginnings, he chose to view it as the first step on a training journey. Now he is not only one of the very best card tearers on the planet and a World Record Holder, I believe he is one of the best in history at that feat! Here is Jonathan in action doing what he does best, tearing top quality playing cards into three strips vertically! By the way…he completes this with apparent ease BEHIND HIS BACK!

Here is Chris “Wonder” Schoeck, who I co-star with in the Tribeca Film Festival Hit “Bending Steel”, doing just that at a film festival screening in historic Coney Island! Keep in mind that it’s not about size, it’s about the power of the mind – Schoeck stands 5’07” and weighs 151#!

How about “Ironman” John McGrath from  Waterford Ireland by way of Capetown South Africa. Here the Ironman splits the top seal of a full can of “pop” with a single blow of his fist!

Coach “Hairculese” in action as well. Pay attention to the quotes, not just the feat of strength. This feat was viewed as unattainable by many of the top authorities, but it’s not about accepting the limitations of others…it’s about discovering who YOU are.

Enjoy the journey! Onward!
– Chris “Hairculese” Rider