What traits do successful people share? Vision. Desire. Drive. Commitment. Positive outlook. Focus. Goals. Strong work ethic.

How do successful people achieve their goals? Vision. Desire. Drive. Commitment. Positive outlook. Focus. Goals. Hard work.

How do successful people go farther toward realizing their goals than they can on their own and become a STAND OUT in a quicker time frame? They get COACHED!

Hi! My name is Chris Rider, aka Hairculese. As a professional  strongman I have performed internationally at a wide array of venues from small private events to corporate grand openings. I am a repeat featured personality on the Science Channel’s TV show “Oddities”.IMG_3348

I have been featured in major print media such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Washington Post, Time Out New York, & others. I have been featured on the home page of Yahoo News. I costar in an internationally shown & award winning feature film titled “Bending Steel” with a Protégé of mine.

imageI have co-founded, and script, cast, direct, & perform in The Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular, which started in Coney Island NY and begun touring in the USA…


I am a multiple World Record holder. IMG_1619I have bent by hand 6″, 8″, & 10″ drop forged steel adjustable wrenches into “S” shapes. I have twisted thick horseshoes. I have towed airplanes and moving trucks with my hair. I have driven 4″ long spikes through Teflon coated frying griddles and thick board stacks with a single blow of my fist. I have torn 3″ thick hardcover Physicians Desk Reference books in half. I have torn thumb sized notches from the side of miniature decks of playing cards…

Why did I mention these accomplishments? It is NOT to boast or brag. It is to reinforce the fact that I am successful in my endeavors and that I have and have had many coaches. Strength coaches. Business coaches. Life coaches. COACHES.

I am a student.

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I am a practitioner.


I am a teacher.

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I have coached novices to do things they never knew they could.





I have coached elite level Oldetime Strongmen and steel benders to new levels and helped them with new skill sets.




I am passionate about what I do and I want you to succeed as well!




In addition to coaching in the group setting of The Coney Island Strongman Workshop, I offer individual in-person coaching, and long distance coaching via Skype Video Calling in feats of strength focused on tearing and steel bending.

Would you like to be able to tear a deck of playing cards? How about a phonebook? Twist a horseshoe? IMG_1459Bend a spike or bolt? Coil a length of structural steel?

What does it take to sign up for coaching to do this? It is NOT about height, weight, or gender!IMG_1313 It IS about being a healthy, able bodied adult 18 and over with a strong work ethic, commitment, drive, and desire to set and accomplish goals as pertaining to physical training and Olde Time Strength Feats. By signing up for coaching you acknowledge the fact that feats of strength have an inherent risk of injury as does any physical activity and you do so at your own risk waiving any liability to engaging in these activities.

My basic long distance coaching service is:

    • 1 hour monthly call or Skype video call
    • 1 monthly private internet instructional video
    • clients are encouraged to submit videos of lesson application for review and critique through YouTube private video
    • private messaging throughout the month for progress updates and quick questions
    • This option is on a month to month basis and has no minimum time commitment on your part

1 Month Basic Coaching Service

Upgrade to my expanded long distance coaching service which gets you a WEEKLY one hour Skype video coaching session! This option is much more in depth and by signing up for this service you agree to a six month consecutive minimum commitment. Email chris@coneyislandstrongman.com for time and day availability.

Expanded Monthly Coaching

My coaching covers:

      • Body mechanics
      • Feat physics
      • Material selection
      • Where to secure materials
      • Progression
      • Frequency
      • Mindset
      • Recovery strategies

Higher levels of coaching are available for individuals seeking weekly coaching. Email chris@coneyislandstrongman.com to discuss expanded coaching opportunities.

IMG_1557Your opportunity to learn from my experience and shorten the learning curve while receiving positive reinforcement and adaptive coaching is available to a very limited few. Are you ready to take the next step in your strength journey?

“Chris Rider is one of the strongest human beings who has ever lived. And not only is he a legendary strongman, he’s also a superstar at teaching these old-time strongman skills to others. His excitement and passion are contagious.”

Dr. Rob Gilbert, PHD, Professor of Sports Psychology at Montclair State University and Motivational Speaker



Strongman of Coney Island