Workshop and Coaching Reviews

Workshop attendees and personal coaching clients share their thoughts on Chris “Hairculese” Rider’s coaching style and their results of training with Chris’s system.

Dr. Kathy Dooley

Tony Reid

Eric Chessen

Jarell Lindsey

Diego Flores

Elizabeth Acton

Joseph Brodsky

Mike Chomitsch

Kristin Dankanich

Ashley Barlow

Jason Ginsberg

Brad Epp

Todd Jones

Todd Jones: Repeat Attendee

Charles Begin

Melody Schoenfeld



“I recently had the opportunity to attend Chris Rider’s Coney Island Strongman Workshop. If you have any interest in performing feats of strength, or just pushing past your physical or mental limitations I would recommend that you sign up for this workshop.

The people in the workshop I attended had a mixture of experience with strongman feats. A few of us had attended a workshop before and the remaining participants had no experience. Chris is a great coach, his eye for detail kept all of us setting personal records all day. It was great to see the expressions on everyone’s faces as they did things they had never accomplished before.

In addition to the work you’ll do, you’ll have a lot of fun as well. The day is kept lighthearted and there are jokes, encouragement, and bonding that happens between participants.

If you have a desire to learn feats of strength, I don’t think you can do better than Chris Rider.”

-Mark Burnett SFG

Strongman of Coney Island